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Furminator deShedding Shampoo and Conditioner: 
We have tried it all and we LOVE LOVE LOVE these two products when used together leaves our dogs easy to brush and smelling great!  We have tried them individually and don't get the same result.  Easy to brush away all the undercoat and loose hair.  We find it even better to pair it with the Kong ZoomGroom for large dogs to eliminate as much hair as possible during the bathing process

Antifungal/Antibacterial Shampoo:

We use this in the fall and spring to help eliminate any buildup on the skin that can cause hot spots and odors...if you have a swimmer or bath often, use this in rotation with other products.  

Whitening Shampoo:

We have tried several this one smells good and works great...if you have a cream dog and need to whitening them up, this is the product to use!

Ear Wash

We used this after baths and after swimming--or anytime in between when we feel the ears need a cleaning.  Squeeze it into the ear, massage and stand back and let them shake their heads.  Use a paper towel or cotton ball to wipe the ear out. I use a q-tip in the ear crevices only but I don't go down into the ear canal with it.  

Hot Spots

The best cure is prevention by keeping their skin in good shape and the fungal/bacteria load down.  However, if one does pop up this stuff will dry it up overnight.  It smells horrible, its sulphur based but it works so protect your carpets and furniture.  

Grooming Tools

When it comes to grooming, I am not an expert but I sure do spend a lot of time grooming with 5 dogs.  These are items I think are good quality, good priced and work the best out of many items I have purchased over the years.  Hope its helpful...and if you plan to groom yourself--invest in the stand, it was my last purchase and should have been my first, it really saves the back.  We have found the slicker brush has become our favorite brush. It's our go to brush!


Crates are great for potty training and we suggest getting a large one with a divider and adjust it down when they are small to prevent accidents and then remove the divider as they grow.  We like the one with the door that slides open to the top, this eliminates a door from being open and in the way.  

It is also nice to have a place for them to play and be confined while you are busy doing things around the house and you can even attach the crate to create their own little area.  Some put the crate inside the pen but a couple zip ties and you can attach the panel to the crate -pictured here.We like the heavy duty pen and worth the extra money, the panels are more stable.  We suggest 32" tall pens, this will suffice for when they are grown. 

Beds, they love anything soft and furry.   The bolster beds are their favorites.  This is the brand we have in their pen since birth...we wash and dry it several times and it holds up well.  This is a larger size 30 inch and probably would not last them long. However the Best Friends by Sheri is a good quality brand any will do.  

Often people ask where we got the elephant, the elephant has lasted several washes through several litters so we thought we would share.

Here is an alternative from Chewy, this has a washable cover and tried and loved by one of our past pups featured here "Dolly", her mom says she absolutely loves it--pictured is the XL size which is 45 inches and Dolly is 7 months old.

For those "Chewers" that cannot be trusted and will rip the stuffing outta every bed..we have found that using a baby crib mattress for our adult dogs and putting a washable cover on it works great!!  They love the room and they do not attempt to rip it apart.  The covers can be purchased at Molly Mutt  


We like the collars that have a metal buckle, they are easy on and off and if you have multiple dogs they cannot chew them and break them like the plastic buckles.

Puppy collar and leash:  10-16 inches adjustable neck, thin collar just over a half inch.  The beebie collar here is just over a half inch and the Premier leash is just under a half inch...perfect/lightweight and less distractions when leash training.  They won't even notice its there.

Adult size will use the X-Large collar that adjusts from 18-26 inches, this is a 1 inch wide collar and the leash below would also be 1 inch wide/6ft long. 

We do not do harnesses,  with proper leash training the dog should not be pulling to cause issues with the neck. A dog that pulls with a harness on is recipe for sidewalk skiing while taking walks.  Eliminate the pulling as a pup and you will only need a collar for life.