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All puppies on this page are Lilly and Bobo matings

Meet Oliver-5/6/15                                                   

Oliver's mom and dad say they don't know how....... but they fall more and more in love with him everyday...lucky dog!  Oliver is 8 months- 80 lbs in this picture

Meet Sarge- 6/12/14

Sarge loves to play, hunt, ride on the 4 wheeler and  jump on the trampoline, but most of all he loves his little girls and follows them everywhere.   Sarge is 14 months in these pictures and he ended up weighing 115lbs. 


Meet Gunner - 5/6/15

Gunner is a happy, spoiled rotten 75 lbs. at 8 months old.  When he saw his first snow he went crazy over it , his parents couldn't get him to stop playing and come in the house


Meet Ari- 5/6/15

Ari is around 8 months old in these pictures and 80 lbs. He really enjoys watching tv (sports, outdoor shows). He watches squirrels in the back yard all the time. He also loves playing fetch with his stick. Not a shocker being a golden. He's doing really good and is really smart.

Meet Savy Lady- 6/12/14

She loves being outside.  Loves mud, Mud and more MUD. Where ever her little boy Avery is,  you will find Savy right by him. She weighed 80 lbs, vet put her on a diet so she is probably around 70 lbs. now.


Meet Abby- 5/6/15

Abby weighed 55lbs at 7 months old which was the last weight at the vets.  She is really smart nudges her mom to go outside to potty, likes to watch TV, and loves to have her own way..from the looks of her she is spoiled rotten.  



Meet Willow- 5/6/15

Willow is a farm girl, she lives on 8 acres and fits in well with 2 steers and 20 chickens.  When she spends time in the house her favorite spot is sitting "on" her moms feet.  Her main diet is her dry kibble but add a little peanut butter to her Kong toy and she will howl in delight! She loves apples also.




Meet Buck-5/6/15

Buck likes balls and fetching them, he loves carrying a toy in his mouth.  He loves his kids and is very well behaved...Buck's family say they just love him!!

Meet River- 10/25/15

River has a big family with 4 kids and many fur friends, while not easy she eventually convinced them to share their beds.  She still thinks she is a lapdog and lucky enough to have a mom that allows her to still believe it.




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