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Tasha 2017 Litter

We have bred our 'Tasha' to a stud owned by LOMAH Retrievers, Snow Bear "Olaf" of Snowbound Trails.  We feel this is going to be a great litter of pups with great lines, he's a big 90 lb. blocky headed white male with a great temperament.    Olaf will be a great compliment to Tasha's beauty and white coloring, together they will have some really beautiful white puppies with great conformation.

Tasha/Bobo - 3/10/16

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Bobo/Lilly -  June 12, 2014 - 4 boys/4 girls

All the puppies have been placed with their new homes, I am very thankful that each one went to a loving home.


  8 Weeks


  7 Weeks


   3 Weeks

  2 Weeks


Bobo/Lilly -  May 6th 2015  6 boys/4 girls

  8 Weeks

  4 Weeks

   2 Weeks



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